Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Unification

       Berlin Wednesday Jan 5, 2011
Today we got up early to make our 10am check out. We had to cross the bridge to the other Meininger as we were across the river in the extension to the main hostel. We made it just in time to miss breakfast so we set out to find something to eat. We asked the receptionist and she said we should go to a street that wasn’t far.
                We headed in that direction, didn’t find anything so we stopped at an interesting looking place called Curry 36. Best decision of our lives. Curry 36 was the beginning to a long standing relationship with the infamous Berlin Currywurst, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for less than 4every time. We returned to the hostel to find the free lobby internet conveniently broken, so we had to pay, owell it was only 1.5€ for 2 hours, compared to Switzerland that was DIRT cheap. The group was on their way and would be arriving soon and then we met Dr. Jim Jones, another “Most Interesting Man” contestant selected for the finals along with Dickster. Jim is Frau Riehl’s husband and he is awesome. He came and went though and we would see more of him later.
                The group arrived and everyone was uber tired so we were given 2 hours to recuperate before we headed off to Brandenburger Tor (gate). It was really cool but it was cold so we kept moving, checking other places out and waiting for our dinner reservation at 5:30. We passed a place that had both a Buggati Veyron and several Bentlys. We were finally on our way to eat, but we were tired, cold and hungry. We got to the restaurant and it was amazing. I got a beef roulade und a beer. The beer was great and Jim ended up treating everyone since the University couldn’t pay for it. The food and atmosphere were amazing. We finished there and had a long walk to the train station. We finally arrived back at the Hostel where most people instantly passed out. I had the wonderful idea of doing laundry. It ended up taking close to 3 hours or something crazy and the clothes weren’t even all the way dry. I finally got to sleep around 1am.


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