Thursday, January 13, 2011

The clever name that didn’t exist

          Berlin Thursday Jan 6, 2011
It was a cold Thursday when we awoke in Berlin. In Berlin it is always overcast during the winter and today wasn’t an exception. It was raining with later snow. We had to wake up at 7:30 and believe me that wasn’t easy. We had the same breakfast we always have, meat and bread. Then we got on the tour bus. I don’t remember much from the tour here is what I do remember: It was hot on the bus so the windows were fogged up, you could barely see anything, the bus was tiny, I fell asleep for a bit, I forgot my camera in the room, and the only good thing is we got to see the big remaining section of the wall, that is all thank you come again. After that wonderful tour we went to Potsdamer Platz where we went to the Arkadien and ate Asian food. We then visited the Holocaust memorial on our way to the Reichtstag. The Reichtstag was really cool and modern on the inside. It was recently fully remodeled on the interior. It is now state of the art and very environmentally conscience. It was actually closed but since we were special we got to see most of the building including the glass dome at the top. After the Reichstag, we headed back to the hostel and everyone crashed for a while.
                After everyone recharged the batteries for a bit we headed out, without our fearless leader and on our own. 11 of us went to the same place, an Italian/Mexican restaurant, I know weird mixture. I got a fajita; it happened to be the most expensive thing but it was still good. After our first successful excursion we returned and all passed out.


k8 said...

Shouldn't you be enjoying Wurst und Schnitzel at every meal? You can have boring ol' fajitas in the states...

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