Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Revenge of the Jet Lag

                My first day ended when I added the last period on the blog post. That was around midnight. We found out the hard way our room was too hot, I’m pretty sure I experienced delirium tremors with the nightmares included. People may or may not have been coming in and out of the room, Pete and I’s recollections were totally different and we remember different things. The first concrete memory we both have is waking up at 2pm, yes that’s right 14 hours of sleep. We barely even got out the door until 4pm. We had thought we wouldn’t really get jet lagged, but obviously we were wrong.
                We went to scope out the firework scene and to see where they would be going on. The speed at which we learned the tram system was surprising, by this point we could navigate where we wanted to go and back with ease. We walked around a quickly darkening Zurich for a little while, but we were getting cold and hungry so we returned to the Hostel. This is when the fun level of the night increased significantly. We met our new roommate Greg. We all quickly warmed up to each other as he is from the US, a big increase from Smelly Man. He is an unemployed 29 year old, trying to travel the world for as cheap as possible. He decided he would come out with us and we welcomed the company. We returned to the firework/party area by 8pm. We had food and went for an adventure to kill some time. We tried to climb some public art, but were unsuccessful until I boosted Pete up. This whole public art thing turned to be a bad idea it was really muddy and I got my no-wash jeans totally muddy. It also led to a fixation to climbing things the rest of the night, this fixation leading to tragedy later on. It did show us one important thing though; my camera was out of batteries. It was only 9pm so we trekked back to the Hostel got some batteries and some beer. We again returned to the fireworks area for the third time. The area was totally packed at this point and was kind of annoying but the fireworks were looming so we found a spot and settled in. The fireworks were long and pretty cool but tell you the truth these Europeans need to come to America on the 4th of July to see some real fireworks. The Coatesville Fireworks had better effects but weren’t as spectacular because of the lake.
                After the fireworks we had no idea what to so wondered around trying to figure that out. We tried to get into some major night club called Santa Lucia that you needed tickets to get into. We tried again at another place, tickets were again needed. This is when more climbing and tragedies ensued. Being bored out of our gourds we decided to climb an easy looking tree, it turned out to be very deceptive. Me not thinking tried climbing the tree with my camera (MY BRAND NEW F*****G CAMERA) and of course I cracked the screen. I wasn’t even successful in climbing the tree and the rest of the night I was pissed at myself. The camera still works but you have to use the digital viewfinder all the time. Oh well shit happens, and it can be repaired.
                We were torn on whether to find a club or something but ended but just retiring to the Hostel. We went to sleep pretty quickly and that was the end of our New Years Eve.


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