Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rapperswil: An Epic Name for an Epic Place

               We started our day out much earlier, mostly because we had had too much sleep before and a small (tiny) part because we wanted to be a bit more productive than yesterday. We got up at 8:45 or so and made it down for the breakfast included with Hostel price. The breakfast was a traditional German breakfast with bread and cold cuts. I tried a tiny cup of espresso and regretted it instantly, but still drank it to get the caffeine. I took 2 showers one being normal and one with my jeans on because of all the mud they seriously needed it. We had decided the previous day that we were going to check out the castle called Rapperswil, obviously TuPac wanted us to go there. We headed to the main train station; we got on the right train going the wrong way. We got off that train 2 stops later and then got on the right train going the right way. The train ride was pretty uneventful and I took pictures of the surprising amount of graffiti in Zurich. We got to Rapperswil and didn’t see a castle. We started walking, took a bunch of pictures, and randomly happened on a castle. Castle is obviously a major overstatement, because you can’t just happen upon a castle. It was more of a fort built in 1800’s and it was pretty small, it was still pretty cool, but the highlight of the “castle” was the fact that it had a playground on top it. The playground included this dangerous European version of a merry-go-round. I know if I had had this contraption when I was young I would not still be alive. As a fully grown person I still almost died and have 720p HD video to prove it. After that we disembarked from this castle. We headed down to the train station and decided to take a different route home to see some more scenery, that scenery turned into the backs of our eyelids. We made it home and here we sit, another super productive day. At least we got see some of Zurich before 2pm.


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