Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Oh wait just… trains

Travel from Zurich to Zermatt January 2, 2011
                It was only the 4th day of our epic adventure and it felt like we had been gone forever. Our day started out with another bad wake up and us almost not making check out, but we made it out fine and got to the train station on time. Out train left at 11am to Bern, where we switched trains to Visp, where we again switched trains to Zermatt. This train ride seemed long but in two days this would seem like nothing. We arrived in Zermatt at around 2ish and we again had no idea where were going (this is becoming a trend). So we tried to find out from something where we going luckily there were some maps and what not. We eventually got onto a bus that took us up the hill so we could walk to the hostel. The hostel reception was closed so we left are bags in the basement, which to get to is a tiny wooden spiral stairway. We finally got to venture into town, my camera again running out of batteries at the perfect time. We decided we didn’t want to eat any more bread or cold cut meats, so we went looking for something else; low and behold there is a McDonalds everywhere. Pete and both got Big Macs just because there is a McDonalds everywhere doesn’t mean they have a dollar menu. We paid $12.50 for that frickin burger meal, but as we didn’t want any bread or cold cuts this was our best bet. We headed back to the Hostel to check in and carried our bags up another tiny wooden spiral stairway. The Hostel was cozy, which really means small but it had character. We headed out again to rent our skis and get or lift ticket which combined cost $150, but what the hell we got to ski in the Alps. We returned to the hostel with more bread and this time honey, which greatly improved said bread. We ate our food and ended up going to bed at like 9PM because it was early wake up for SKIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!


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