Monday, January 24, 2011

A day to Remember

Berlin Saturday Jan 8, 2011
After only 2.5 hours of sleep, my brain felt like oatmeal. We had to wake up at a normal time but we went to sleep at 5am. The game was a disappointment and that made it worse.  We ate breakfast and got on a bus to the J├╝dische Museem. The Jewish Museum was very impressive. The Architecture was superb and really unique. None of the floors on the ground level were level and nor were the walls. This was designed to create an uncomfortable situation and disorient you. The holocaust tower was chilling and amazing. We moved on to the rest of the building and got progressively more boring but our guide was fun to listen to.
After we were finished in the Jewish Museum we headed over to the Check Point Charlie Museum. This museum was all about the wall and how people tried to escape East Germany. It was really interesting but it was repetitive and there was too much information. The Museum had some cool examples of how people tried to escape like digging tunnels, rigging cars, flying, and diving underwater. After Check Point Charlie we had to figure out what to do. We decided to go the Berlin TV Tower. We headed over there and found out that the wait would have been over an hour. We met up with Bri and her knight in shining armor Lucas. We all headed to KaDeWeh the biggest and most expensive department store in Europe. On the way Lucas remembered that there was a hotel where you could go up in an elevator that was surrounded by a gigantic aquarium. We found the hotel only to be disappointed by the fact that you had to pay the admission of Sea World to go in it now. We got to take pictures anyway, it was so freaking cool. After that we headed to KaDeWeh. We got there and it was ridiculous. Everything was so expensive and huge and diamond encrusted. We went to the sixth floor to check out the food floor. You could buy everything from caviar to a 12” cigar. At the cigar shop we found lighters that were over $10K and a room with climate control and humidifiers for the Cuban cigars. KaDeWeh was too ridiculous to stay so we decided to finally head back to the hostel for long needed rest. I had been standing since from 9:30am until 7pm. At the hostel we just chilled for a while trying to figure out what to do.
We knew we needed food so went to a place that was close and, according to Frau Riehl and Jim was very good. It was an Ethiopian Restaurant and we had no idea what do there. At this restaurant we got Ethiopian beer, and very different Ethiopian food. You eat everything with this thin pancake like bread (not sweet) and there are no forks or knives. The food was really good according to about half the group including me; the other half weren’t so pleased. They are obviously lame. After the Ethiopian place, a few of us headed off to another restaurant/bar where you can get 1L of beer. It was over priced and not the best beer but the fact that it came in a Liter was awesome. We had a fun time and one kid got really funny. We all returned home and passed out.


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