Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Oh wait just… MOOOORREEE trains

Travel from Zermatt to Berlin January 4, 2011
                A 6am wake up normally isn’t fun, a 6am wake up after going to bed at 3:30 am: is hell. To make it worse we had to pack all of our stuff up, but it took us soo much less time than expected and we were done by 6:40. This didn’t really help because we couldn’t check it out until 7:30. So we went back to sleep with an alarm set for 7:30, I apparently passed out so hard that Pete couldn’t wake me up until he slapped me at which point I almost slapped him back. We got up, got breakfast (still more bread), and checked out. We just walked down to the train station, with all of our luggage, more bread, Fanta, chips, and our new found friend honey. We embarked on our 10.5 hour train trip to Berlin. We couldn’t really do much from Zermatt to Visp and Visp to Bern, so I just slept and Pete watched me or something apparently he isn’t a good train sleeper. Once we got on the train to Berlin it kind of cool we had our own little room with door and outlets, key was there were outlets. Now we could use our computers freely so I played some Starcraft and Pete watched some movies. I did some more sleeping and some more sleeping and some more sleeping and Pete didn’t. Apparently he really is no good at sleeping on trains. We had 2 different people share our room with us. The first guy was some old German who didn’t talk much and didn’t stay long, the second guy was way cooler. He had this little dog that was super cool but he didn’t talk much either (the guy not the dog). Eventually we made it to Berlin again having nooo idea where we were going this time not being so lucky it took us forever to just give up and take a taxi that didn’t end up costing that much. We left Zermatt at 8:39am we finally arrived at the new Hostel around 9pm. We checked in and decided we needed food since we hadn’t eaten anything but bread, honey and chips. We went to this little Pizzeria Café place, and guess what it WASN’T expensive finally we had arrived in Germany where you didn’t have to pay an arm, a leg, and your first born to get anything. We actually read in some travel guide that Switzerland is the second most expensive country in Europe under Norway. So the pasta we got at this place was really good and we were totally full so that pretty much lead to us passing out in the Hostel, and on to our next day “The Unification”. Stay tuned….


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