Monday, January 24, 2011

The Game that turned our brains into Oatmeal

Berlin Friday Jan 7, 2011
                The night before was no big thing so waking up was easy. Today we were off to Eberswalde a small town an hour out of Berlin. In Eberswalde we talked to a panel of English speaking residents of Eberswalde. We discussed before and after the wall events and how their lives were affected.
                The train ride was easy enough; it went by more quickly than I thought it would. We got there and had to boogie on over to the town Museum. The Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Eberswalde and it was converted from the Adler Apotheke or Eagle Apothecary. Inside was a history lesson about the town and its people. We met our panel and began the discussion. It was very interesting as we were reading After the Wall and this tied in well. We discussed how their lives were before and after the wall, how things were better after the wall, and how it wasn’t all bad on East Germany.
                After the panel discussion we went to the Mensa or Cafeteria at the Uni. This was our first Mensa experience and we were surprised at how good the food was for soo cheap. I had some traditional German food with a big drink for something like 3.30. After that we went on a city tour. The town was pretty cool. It had a ton of history and a ton of modern stuff. With the University there, parts were getting more built up whereas some parts were still rundown. The tour lasted awhile and we were all tired and hungry so we headed on over to a famous Eberswalde Café where we got coffee and their specialty cookies. It was really good and we had recharged our batteries to continue our adventure with Jim as our guide. Some people just took the bus to the train station but about half of the group walked there through the town and through some neighborhoods to see what it was like. Everything was pretty cool but it was still so cold.
                Eventually we got to the train station and we got on our return train to Berlin. I think everyone fell asleep or close to it and soon we were in Berlin again. We returned to our Hostel and chilled there for awhile. We needed food and Jennah had found a Greek restaurant in Kreuzburg. We headed there and finding it was an adventure. Once we got there we realized how crowded it was and decided to look for something else. We found a place across the street called the Rote Heffe. Going there was the best decision ever. Simon, Ethan, Jennah, Brian, and I had made a discovery that would make our night awesome. The restaurant was great with the weirdest selection of foods but everything was good. We got cheap beer but it was good too. Everything about this place was awesome and since it was in Kreuzburg everything was open late so after leaving there we stopped at a convenience store and bought some “non” alcoholic beverages. We returned to the Hostel to wait until 1am when the UDEL Football Championship game was to start. We made all sorts of shenanigans waiting for the game and once it started we had drank most of our beverages. The game was a blur of us having it in the bag to losing a 19 point lead and losing it all in the end. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, its sore subject. We ended up going to sleep at 5am and that’s why our brains turned to mush.


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