Monday, January 24, 2011

Olympic Stadium, Eagles Fail, and Vegetables Game Hilarity Ensues

Berlin Sunday Jan 9, 2011
I’m not going to lie these journals are getting increasingly more difficult to keep track of. I should probably catch up (yeah right). Sunday started off like all the other days, still not really used to getting up early but you get up on time or fear the wrath of Frau Riehl. We headed to Charlottenburg Schloß which is just a Palace of some sort, really artsy and pretty boring. It had really similar inside deco to Neuschwanstein but the place was basically boring and small. We got the short tour so it only took a little while and then we were set free on the world. We were already kind of close to the Olympic stadium so Brian, Ethan, and I jumped on the U-Bahn going the opposite way as everyone else and headed to the 1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium. The weather was crap but the stadium was really epic. It is one of the few remaining testaments to the Party’s architectural accomplishments. The outside of the stadium is pretty much all original but the inside is state of the art and modern. I’m glad we got to into the stadium to how huge it really was.
After the stadium we headed back to the hostel to chill for a bit, before having to go out again to the Filmhaus. Brian and I rushed there after having a quick lunch and of course we were the first ones there and everyone else was late or almost late including Frau Riehl. Everyone eventually got there and we went into the Film Museum. It had some fun stuff about how Germans were pretty much front stage on starting films and the technology involved. I will have to see Metropolis, a huge German hit that cost way more than they had budgeted and was too futuristic for its time. But yet again even if a museum is interesting you can really make sound interesting on paper. So after the Film museum some of the group stayed in the Sony Center to watch the Red Carpet Premier of Morning Glory with Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams. They ended up seeing them and getting pictures and autographs. The rest of us headed back to the hostel to get ready to go to dinner. We picked a Greek restaurant again by recommendation from Frau Riehl and Jim. It was another big success we got this giant platter of meat and just dug in. We ate too much but we decided we still needed to drink, so we went to this corner convenience store and picked up some really cheap beers and headed to the hostel bar lounge thingy. We set up the Eagles game on live streaming and by the middle it was a disappointment so we started playing this game called the vegetable game and hilarity ensued. It’s hard to explain and even harder to play but I assure it was the most I have laughed in a very looong time. We all crashed after that and had our last night in Berlin.


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