Monday, February 6, 2012

Video Narrative

The homebrew video idea came around at about the same time of the class. A friend is really into video, photo, and editing and he wanted to make a video. I found out I had to do a video for the class. So we started filming, the camera ran out of batteries, we stopped filming. So we needed to film another day. This actually created a really good situation for the video. It allowed us to film the brewing of a beer and the bottling of the same beer which happened 3 weeks later. So we were able to film the whole process. I have never really done any video editing so this was a new experience. I used iMovie but I now think I should have used Final Cut. iMovie gave me a lot of crap but I eventually got it finished. I then had tons of trouble with uploading to youtube. Eventually just uploaded it to vimeo and called it a day. The End


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